Festival History: 2007

“With their regionally rooted but universal music, Attwenger provide a local hero paradigm for the programmatic strengths of the Linz film festival, which incidentally enjoys great popularity among guests due to its family atmosphere that other Austrian festivals lack. Having successfully established the festival with a focus on young cinema (and the potential for expansion for the Capital of Culture Year 2009), the director Christine Dollhofer can also afford attractive deviations, such as a (preview) premiere of Belle toujours, the magnificent new film by the 98-year-old Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira – in a correct cinephile double-feature with his inspiration, the Buñuel classic Belle de jour.” 
Die Presse // Christoph Huber

Despite the summerly weather during the last days CROSSINGF EUROPE Film Festival Linz managed to meet last year’s excellent result again and to even increase the number of festival visitors lightly: The festival team counted a total of 13,000 visitors (2006: 12,000) in the cinemas, at the Nightline, at the events of the supporting programme as well as at the exhibition of of OK Artist in Residence Sejla Kameric.

Again, festival director and her team welcomed 450 national and international accredited festival guests. For the first time the festival provided the CROSSING EUROPE hotel boat M.P.S. Florentina as an inventive lodging which proved to be very popular with the guests. As the OK - the festival’s central location - is currently being rebuilt, the next edition of CROSSING EUROPE will take place in an extended infrastructure including a new cinema hall next year.

Audience number: 13.500
Films: 120
Countries of origin: 29
Film guests: 81
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