Tribute 2023: Angeliki Papoulia (GR)

At its 20th edition, CROSSING EUROPE devotes its Tribute program section to Greek actor and theatre director Angeliki Papoulia, one of the most uncompromising and powerful actors of contemporary European auteur cinema.

MIOB | Moving Images – Open Borders

CROSSING EUROPE strives to promote the cultural and solidary European idea not just with audiences and film guests in Linz, but in addition, is also substantially involved in the collaboration of film festivals throughout Europe. In 2017, the festival network MIOB | Moving Images – Open Borders was initiated for this purpose by CROSSING EUROPE and now comprises seven film festivals with a European program orientation.

YAAAS! Young Programmers 2023

The YAAAS! Competition will show six current European film productions that were selected by the YAAAS! Young Programmers. The Young Programmers for 2023 have already been selected and have been taking part in an introductory program into the curation process of a film festival.