Festival History: 2008

"Festival director Christine Dollhofer and her team have achieved great success for their small anniversary. They have assiduously put together a programme that was thoroughly wilful, emotional and contentious, yet without getting lost in pretentious self-importance." 

Since the opening of the fifth festival edition on Tuesday 22 April by the Austrian Federal Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer, Provincial Governor Josef Pühringer and Vice-Mayor of Linz Erich Watzl, nearly 16,000 festival guests, film and music fans (2007: 13,000) have attended the screenings and the Festival Nightline as well as the exhibition of OK Artist in Residence Lida Abdul (i.e., this corresponds to an increase of 20%). With more than 500 accredited international and national festival guests CROSSING EUROPE received unprecedented interest on the part of the film industry and the media.

The anniversary edition 2008 presented 150 films from 32 countries shown in 132 programmes, with about 100 directors being present at the respective Q&A sessions. The increased interest by the audience is directly linked to the entirely redesigned and extended infrastructure at the OK Festival Centre, which saw vibrant activity during the whole week of the festival, and the additional new and cinema hall with state-of-the-art equipment. Due to the experience gained by the festival team which has been working together nearly unchanged during the past five years, the festival has taken place in a relaxed, intense and vivacious atmosphere.

Audience number: 16.000
Films: 150
Countries of origin: 32
Film guests: 98
Award winners 2008: HERE
Jury 2008: HERE
Film archive 2008: HERE
Tribute 2008: HERE

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