Press Releases 2024

Press Release #7/24

Festival Résumé 2024
With 14,500 visitors, the previous year's level was almost maintained, which can still be considered a great success in view of a somewhat reduced supporting program and summer temperatures at the start of the festival. The number of visitors to the cinema remained almost stable. The audience and around 550 accredited professional guests used the opportunity for low-threshold engagement with around 100 film guests from Austria and abroad.

Press Release #6/24

Festival Awards 2024
The Awards Ceremony for the 21st edition of the Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz took place today in the Ursulinensaal at OK Linz, with Miriam Hie hosting the atmospheric evening.

Press Release #5/24

Festival Program 2024
144 feature films, documentaries and short films from 41 countries reflect the diversity of Europe in its many facets and offer audiences the chance to rediscover the continent.

Press Release #5/24

Festival Program 2024
144 feature films, documentaries and short films from 41 countries reflect the diversity of Europe in its many facets and offer audiences the chance to rediscover the continent.

Press Release #4/24

Opening Films & Closing Film / Tour d'Europe: Swiss Films Touring Europe / Crossing Europe Collection
Crossing Europe Film Festival once again opens with four films that represent the variety of the festival program through their diversity in terms of content and artistry.

Press Release #3/24

Tribute: Aliona van der Horst (NL) | Architecture and Society: Transformation | YAAAS! School Screenings - YAAAS! Competition
In today’s press release, we announce the Dutch documentary filmmaker Aliona van der Horst as this year’s guest in the Tribute program section, give a first look at the Architecture and Society program section and present the three films of the YAAAS! Competition, which will be offered as school screenings as part of the YAAAS! Youth Program.

Press Release #2/24

Festival Trailer: RAUSCHFARBEN | Working Worlds 2024 | Cinema Next Europe Club | GOLDEN BAG Window Display Contest
In this press release, we are presenting this year’s festival trailer, for which we were able to recruit the Linz-born filmmaker Lorenz Tröbinger. We are also announcing the first two films from the Working Worlds program section that in 2024 centers on people in the tension between job and activism. 

Press Release #1/24

Local Artists Special 2024: Dagmar Schürrer | YAAAS! Young Programmers | "anton bruckner 2024": Crossing Europe Warm-up on 26 April with Die Phantastische
In this press release, we are happy to announce our first festival highlight, the Local Artists Special, which in 2024 is dedicated to the internationally renowned digital artist Dagmar Schürrer. We are also presenting our YAAAS! Young Programmers 2024 and the warm-up event Die Phantastische before the festival and in the context of “anton bruckner 2024”.

Press Releases 2023

Press Release #8/23

Save the Date: 21st Crossing Europe from April 30 – May 5, 2024 | Film Entries Open until January 8, 2024 | Salzkammergut 2024
Invigorated by the success of the anniversary year 2023, and despite a challenging financial environment, the Crossing Europe team is focusing on and eagerly awaiting the 2024 festival edition that will take place from April 30 to May 5 at the venues Moviemento, City-Kino and Central and around the OÖ Kulturquartier.

Press Release #7/23

Festival Résumé 2023
The 20th Crossing Europe Film Festival can be considered a complete success. From April 26 to May 1, Austria’s third-largest film festival enabled the audience to take a cinematic journey from Greenland to the Black Sea in 139 feature, documentary and short films from 45 countries.

Press Release #6/23

Festival Awards 2023
The Awards Ceremony of the 20th edition of the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz took place today in the Ursulinensaal of the OK Linz, the atmospheric evening was hosted by Miriam Hie.

Press Release #5/23

Festival Program 2023
139 feature films, documentaries and short films from 45 countries will take the audience on a cineastic voyage from Greenland to the Black Sea, show unconventional, critical and artistically ambitious perspectives of the young generation of European filmmakers and offer an impulse to engage directly with contemporary European society.

Press Release #4/23

Opening Films 2023 | Anniversary Pic[k]s & -Open Air (20.4.) | VOD Partner Collections | YAAAS! Close-Up, Workshop Rally & Jugendjury | Nightline: Line-up 2023
In this media info we present the opening films of 2023. In addition, two highlights from the early years of CROSSING EUROPE will be shown again on the big screen as Anniversary Pic[k]s, one of them as part of an open air event at the Lentos Kunstmuseum on 20 April. With CROSSING EUROPE @HOME there is again the possibility to experience festival elements at home with VOD collections. Also: details on YAAAS! Close-Up, Workshop Rally and Youth Jury and Nightline Line-up 2023.

Press Release #3/23

Festival Trailer 2023 | Architecture and Society: Pretty Ugly | Golden Bag Window Display Contest
In this press release, we present the 2023 Festival Trailer and announce the first film highlights from the Architecture and Society Program Section (2023: Pretty Ugly). Also, shops in Linz have until April 7 to register to participate in this year’s GOLDEN BAG Window Display Contest.

Press Release #2/23

Working Worlds 2023: Art Is but a Job | YAAAS! Competition & School Screenings | Cinema Next Europe Club
In this press release we announce the first highlights from the Working Worlds (2023: Art Is but a Job) program section and the YAAAS! Competition. In addition, emerging filmmakers from Austria have until March 12 to apply for the four-day Cinema Next Europe Club practical module at CROSSING EUROPE.

Press Release #1/23

Tribute 2023: Angeliki Papoulia (GR) | MIOB: Festival Work on a European Level
In connection with the Tribute section, dedicated each year to an outstanding individual of European cinema, the Greek actor and theater director Angeliki Papoulia will be our guest in Linz in 2023. We will also provide an insight into our festival work on a European level in the context of the festival network MIOB | Moving Images – Open Borders.