MAKING OF: The Steps with no Name

Installation and book presentation

To CROSSING EUROPE, the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter has always been more than just a festival center. Ever since their joint beginnings, their collaboration has been marked by a lively content-related dialogue. This is why the OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH, founded in 2020, will enrichen also this year’s festival with an artistic project at the intersection of visual arts and cinema.

In his presentation and publication of the same name, that will celebrate its release in the frame of a panel discussion at the festival, the German artist Matthias Wollgast chronicles the meticulous preparations and shooting of the feature film THE STEPS WITH NO NAME (GB/DE/AT 2020). A contribution to last year’s Panorama Fiction, it “subtly raises the issue of light and its dark sides, discussing the environmental impact of technological evolution and mania of progress through the character of Ray Mondt, a former polar explorer who has developed an allergy to sunlight,” writes Sarah Sander in a festival review for Ray Filmmagazin in April 2020.

The only caveat is that CROSSING EUROPE 2020 did not take place as described. That being said, Martin Wollgast’s exhibition and publication offer plenty of proof for the film’s existence in the form of props, posters, film stills, and sets and their models – all of which are quite convincing. It is just that the film only exists depicted in this form. And recognizing it as being staged is exactly what directs our thoughts to the mechanisms of images, the rhetoric of their power of persuasion, which makes us see the iconic strategies, the formation of meaning. We now read these images on the archaeological level of their process, and no longer on the hermeneutical level of their meanings. In a time of political manipulation of images, the reflection on the relation between image and reality set up in the works of Matthias Wollgast is both anachronistic and highly topical.

After a development period of several years, the project will come to its tentative completion with the release of the publication at CROSSING EUROPE 2021.

Installation, 1.6.-6.6.
Buchpräsentation & Diskussion / Book presentation & discussion 2.6., 18:00
Ursulinenhof, Foyer Presseclub, 1. Stock / 1st floor

MATTHIAS WOLLGAST (DE) MAKING OF: The Steps with no Name, Set II 2020 VG Bild Matthias Wollgast, courtesy Galerie Rupert Pfab Düsseldorf

MATTHIAS WOLLGAST (DE) MAKING OF: The Steps with no Name, prop no.6 2019 VG Bild Matthias Wollgast, courtesy Galerie Rupert Pfab Düsseldorf


LENTOS Featured Artist | Bernd Oppl

On the occasion of the festival Crossing Europe 2020, Bernd Oppl is the Featured Artist at LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz. The spatial narratives and objects created by Bernd Oppl are both technical and cold and sensuous at once – they captivate with their precise and elaborate execution, but simultaneously make us aware of our perspectives on space, media, and perception, thus also constituting an examination of ourselves. The installations and objects show how we engage with architecture, film, media, and the resulting spaces in between.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the installation SCREENING ROOM. Looking into a black peep-box, one is presented with the classic screening room situation of seats and projection surface. After a short while, the self-portrait of the beholder appears on the miniaturized screen. A clever and many-faceted game of deception, consisting of the voyeuristic position, movie theater, selfie, and immersion.

Bernd Oppl, born in Innsbruck in 1980, studied at the University of Arts Linz (painting and graphic arts) and at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (video and video installation). He lives and works in Vienna, and his experimental works have repeatedly been presented at CROSSING EUROPE. – The exhibit runs from June 2 to August 29, 2021. It is accompanied by a booklet.

2.6.-29.8., tgl. 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr, am Do bis 19:00 Uhr, Mo geschlossen | Soft-Opening: Mi. 2.6., 16:00 Uhr |
6/2-8/29, daily 10:00 - 18:00, Thu til 19:00, closed Mon |
Soft opening: Wed 6/2, 16:00 |

Lentos Featured Artist Hidden Rooms by Bernd Oppel © Galerie Krinzinger


FMR 21: Art, digital, festival, ephemeral, Mühlkreisbahnhof

FMR is back! The biennial festival once again presents artistic positions that reflect the ephemeral nature of our digital and connected present. It focuses on the shifts, distortions and rifts that come with the ever-increasing digitalization of everyday life and presents contemporary artists from the fields of visual art, media art, internet art and performance who are dedicated to this phenomenon.

The festival’s second edition is held at the same time as Crossing Europe, from June 1 to 6. After exploring the Linz Danube river bank area in the inaugural edition in 2019, the new edition will transform the area around the Mühlkreisbahnhof railway station in Linz into a publicly accessible exhibition space, complemented by a multi-day supporting program with a symposium, artist talks, guided tours and concerts.

Participating artists, a.o.: Thomas Albdorf (AT), Filipe Vilas Boas (PT), Clara Boesl (AT), Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir & Boris Kourtoukov (IS/RU), Tom Galle (BE), Kyriaki Goni (GR), Edurne Herrán (ES), Yarli Allison Lam (CA), Lucas LaRochelle (CA), Aimilia Liontou (GR), Jaakko Myyri (FI), Elisa Giardina Papa (IT), Carlos Saez (ES), Matthias Schäfer (DE), Simon Weckert (DE) and Zara Worth (GB).

LINZ FMR 21 is curated and organized by qujOchÖ,, the Atelierhaus Salzamt, the University of Art and Design Linz and the Sturm und Drang Galerie.

1.6.-6.6; Gelände Mühlkreisbahnhof, Linz-Urfahr |
6/1-6/6; area around Mühlkreisbahnhof, Linz-Urfahr |

LINZ FMR Festival © Sun Obwegeser