Working Worlds 2022


(Lina Dinkla, Thérèse Antony – curators)

This year the documentaries curated by Lina Dinkla and Thérèse Antony (DOK Leipzig) for this section focus on people into whose hands responsibility for the lives of others is placed.

From the trend of privatization of hospitals that are now managed like business enterprises to workloads in clinics that are almost incompatible with having private lives to a shortage of caregivers and unpaid care work that is still predominantly carried out by women strung out by the double or triple burden.

These thoughts are the starting point for this year’s “Working Worlds”. Four documentary films highlight this thematic complex portraying different characters and concentrating on their fields of work or involuntary duties. The focus is on people who hold the responsibility for the lives of others in their hands. But this care responsibility does not end with humans. The question of responsibility for entrusted living beings also arises in the field of animal husbandry, the treatment of creatures that we humans keep to use as food. This is why the selection includes a film that follows a female shepherd in the Cevennes as she takes care of her animals from birth to death.