Night Sight 2021

Night Sight

(Markus Keuschnigg, curator)

The section Night Sight curated by Markus Keuschnigg is dedicated to fantastic film. The diversity and originality of European genre film guarantees mind-blowing cinema experiences.

What do a giant fly, a Moroccan demon of revenge, a paranoid woman and an anthropophagous child have in common? Exactly: nothing. Except for the fact that these characters, creatures and monsters populate the four productions that are gathered this year under the Night Sight circus tent. After more than a year of unlived freedoms, the performance show of European fantastic film invites us to a carnival of attractions, wants and needs and has to trump the swipe-away society with a barrage of sensuality. Those who think that there is no difference between this happening on a display or the big screen, at home or in a cinema, have become lost in the smoke grenade smoke of the culture industrial complex, which pushes the message that being able to consume everything everywhere and at every time must be the best of worlds. Humbug!