We'll Always Have Paris

Als Kopien geistern die kulturellen Symbole der französischen Hauptstadt durch Ella Raidels Film – in einer Retortensiedlung im chinesischen Hangzhou.

The Eifel Tower as anti-gravity center of a phantom zone furnished with high-rises, parking areas, and gardens – an urban proposition that amounts to nothing. (Esther Buss)

Director's Biography
Ella Raidel is a filmmaker, artist and researcher. In her interdisciplinary works – films, videos, research and discourses – she focuses on the socio-cultural aspects of globalization, urbanization and the representation of images. Winner of the CROSSING EUROPE Award – Local Artist in 2010 and 2011, creator of the CROSSING EUROPE 2013 Trailer.
Filmographie Regie (Auswahl)
We´ll Always Have Paris (2020) - Berg (Mountain, 2016; CE'16) - Double Happiness (2014; CE'14) - Cinema Isn't I See, It's I Fly (2013; CE'13 festival trailer) - Play Life Series (2011; CE'12) - SUBVERSES China in Mozambique (2011; CE'11) - Slam Video Maputo (2010; CE'10)
Local Artists 2021
Ella Raidel
Österreich 2020
4 Minuten
ohne Dialog
Drehbuch Ella Raidel
Kamera Ella Raidel
Ton/Sounddesign Sander Saarmets