Segodyna my poistroim dom

Today We Are Going To Build A House

Der von einem Fenster aus gedrehte Film SEGODNYA MY POSTROIM DOM markiert einen filmischen Entwurf über die Freuden der Baustellenarbeit und ist gleichzeitig ein süffisanter Kommentar über die Makel der aufblühenden Baubranche.

This movie is about one day on the construction site. To the casual observer, it looks like not much is happening at the site, but in reality a very efficient process takes place below the surface. And by the end of the day, the house is ready. This film is about the power of a group of trained professionals united by a common goal.

Director's Biography
Sergei Loznitsa was born 1964 in Belarus and grew up in the Ukraine. Graduated from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow in 1997. He has been making documentary films since 1996 and has received numerous national and international awards. In 2010 Loznitsa’s feature debut MY JOY premiered in the main competition at the Festival de Cannes followed by IN THE FOG in 2012 and MAIDAN in 2014. SEGODNYA MY POSTROIM DOM (Today We Are Going To Build A House, co-directed by Marat Magambetov, 1996, short doc), ZHIZN, OSEN (Life, Autumn, co-directed by Marat Magambetov, 1998, short doc), POLUSTANOK (The Train Stop, 2000, short doc), POSELENIJE (The Settlement, 2001, doc), PORTRET (Portrait, 2002, short doc), PEYZAZH (Landscape, 2003, doc), FABRIKA (Factory, 2004, short doc), BLOKADA (Blockade, 2005, doc), ARTEL (2006, short doc), SEVERNY SVET (Northern Light, 2008, doc), PREDSTAVLENYE (Revue, 2009, doc), SCHASTYE MOE (My Joy, 2010), V TUMANE (In The Fog, 2012; CE '13), O MILAGRE DE SANTO ANTÓNIO (The Miracle of Saint Anthony, 2012, short doc), PISMO (The Letter, 2012, short doc), REFLECTIONS. DIRECTOR'S CUT (2014, short doc), MAIDAN (2014, doc), THE OLD JEWISH CEMETERY (2014, short doc)
Tribute 2015
Sergei Loznitsa
Russland 1996
black and white
28 Minuten
ohne Dialog
Kamera Vladimir Bashta
Ton/Sounddesign Alexander Zakarjewskiy
Produzent*innen Alexander Rafalowskiy (Russia Studio ‘Okno’)
Russia Studio ‘Okno’ 23, Akademika Koroleva st., bld.2 127427 Moscow Russia T +7 495 617 53 73