Das Block

The Block

Gräfenhainichen in Sachsen-Anhalt. Ein Wohnblock als Mikrokosmos für eine Erzählung über Einsamkeit, Identität und Zugehörigkeit, eine Erzählung von Schuld und Sühne. Eine Heimatsuche also – am unteren Ende der bundesdeutschen Gesellschaft. Hier steht das Block. Ein Kristallisationspunkt für emotionale, kulturelle und intellektuelle Parallelwelten. www.dasblock.net

One year, 2005. A small town, somewhere in Germany – Gräfenhainichen. A street in the town – Poetenweg. 85 identical one-room flats. Four doors open to us. Inside, two women and two men. Four generations; four different states of loss and loneliness. Outside, scrawled in the hallway: THE BLOCK. People here say this house is alive. Presumably Chris and Stefan have an idea of the finished film. Somehow I can‘t imagine their film as a work about people. The inhabitants of this house functioned as a piano keyboard, as a chord. Except the notes were not produced by them, but by the house. Perhaps the sustained vibrations of these concrete walls form the basis of the film? Could it be the main character in the film – this isolated house, separate, like an island? The house, with the shaft of light that penetrates it from above? In any case, the filmmakers struck us like a keyboard, and this house resonated. (N. Tscherkaskaya, Protagonistin). www.dasblock.net

European Panorama 2007
Chris Wright, Stefan Kolbe
Deutschland 2006
75 Minuten
Drehbuch Chris Wright, Stefan Kolbe
Kamera Stefan Kolbe
Schnitt Chris Wright
Musik Chris Wright
Mit Olga Anaeva, Silvio Pforte, Natalya Tscherkaskaya, Hans-Joachim Werner
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