YAAAS! School Screenings

The YAAAS! Competition consists of current European productions, selected by the YAAAS! Young Programmers. After an introduction to the process of curating a film festival in late autumn they came to a selection of six feature-length fiction films (all of them celebrating their Austrian premiere), that deal with the lived realities of youths and young adults in various different ways. The chosen films will be announced in the beginning of February.

Three YAAAS! Competition films will also be offered as special school screenings. The Young Programmers will be attending every screening, and will present the films, as well as lead Q&A sessions with the attendant film guests. Particularly in this instance, direct communication with the filmmakers and dealing with the medium of film in and of itself is of great importance. Comprehensive school materials (in German only) aim to aid the preparation and follow-up of the screenings.

Contact & Information: Robert Hinterleitner and Lea Bernhard ()

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