YAAAS! School Screenings

Three films from the YAAAS! Competition, curated by the YAAAS! Young Programmers, will be offered as school screenings. The selected works are recent European feature films that deal thematically with the realities of adolescents' and young adults' lives.
The Young Programmers will give an introduction at each school screening and conduct Q&As with the film guests present. Registration for the YAAAS! school screenings is open until 23 April via .
In addition to the YAAAS! School Screenings, the three other feature films in the YAAAS! Competition will also be programmed in such a way that they can optionally be attended by school classes.





The following films from the YAAAS! Competition are offered as school screenings:
Directed by: Vladimir Perišić, 98 min, OV with English subtitles, feature film / Austrian premiere
School Screening: 30 April, 10:15 (Trailer)
Serbia, 1996. Together with his friends, teenaged Stefan finds himself in the middle of protests in the streets of Belgrade against the corrupt regime. He feels torn when finds out that his beloved mother is engaged in pro-regime propaganda.
The destructive power of political pressure becomes apparent not only in the streets of the city but also inside Stefan’s closest relationships. He is forced to face politics even in private life, which leads to conflict. A palpably autobiographical film by Vladimir Perišić.
– Aleksa Jovic, YAAAS! Young Programmer

Directed by: Inari Niemi, 91 min, OV with German subtitles, feature film / Austrian premiere
Distributed in Austria by: Salzgeber
School Screening: 2 May, 10:15
Something’s in the air: In April 1986, a reactor explodes in Chernobyl and in the very same spring, 15-year-old sheltered Mariia meets the mysterious new girl at her school. Mimi is from a broken home and now lives with her aunt in her run-down house. Following some initial scepticism, Mariia becomes fascinated by Mimi, whose presence wraps her life in an increasingly more radiant light. Their growing feelings make them depend more and more on each other until it becomes impossible to imagine a life without the other. 20 years on, Mariia returns and revels in memories marked by regret and melancholy. – Florentina Gruber, YAAAS! Young Programmer

Directed by: Asli Özarslan, 86 min, OV with German subtitles, feature film / Austrian premiere
School Screening: 3 May, 10:15
Young. Motivated. Frustrated. Hazal from Berlin would be ready to dive into the working world – if it wasn’t for the constant everyday racism. After her eighteenth birthday with her girlfriends escalates to violence, she flees Germany and seeks refuge with an internet acquaintance in Istanbul. Despite feeling accepted in this new city, the fear of being wanted in Germany plagues her. When the police arrive at the door of her friend’s apartment, she is forced to go and search for yet another home. Based on Fatma Aydemir’s novel, Hazal’s gripping story is brought to the big screen by Aslı Özarslan. – Lina Eberhart, YAAAS! Young Programmer

The other three films of the YAAAS! Competition can be found HERE.


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