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Festival trailer | Architecture and Society: LAND FOR US ALL! | Cinema Next Europe Club

14.03.2022 // In just over six weeks the nineteenth edition of CROSSING EUROPE will take place between 27 April and 2 May. In this press release we present the festival trailer 2022 I WISH I HAD GONE TO THE CINEMA (AT 2022), directed by the filmmaker Raphaela Schmid (*1990 in Linz). Her films have been shown and awarded at multiple international and national film festivals. Several of her short films have been shown at previous editions of CROSSING EUROPE. The festival trailer will be used for promotional purposes on the internet and in art house cinemas around Austria. It can be seen online HERE.
In cooperation with the afo architekturforum oberösterreich CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz will present the program section Architecture and Society, curated by Lotte Schreiber (filmmaker, artist), for the thirteenth time. The program section consists of works that deal with the topic of different models of societal coexistence in an interplay with architecture. With the title LAND FOR US ALL!, this year’s selection will take a multifaceted look at the economic, ecological, and social importance of land, our basis of life.
LA RESTANZA (BE, IT 2021) by Italian director Alessandra Coppola tells of young people in southern Apulia who clear the fallow and overgrown lands in their native village in service of the community, in order to reactivate it for farming. DIE KUNST DER FOLGENLOSIGKEIT | THE ART OF INCONSEQUENTIALITY (DE, AT 2021) by German/Austrian directing duo Friedrich von Borries and Jakob Brossman confronts the audience with the question, what it could actually mean to live a life that has no negative consequences. The other two films in the program strand Architecture and Society will be announced in a coming media information.
In addition to this, young Austrian filmmakers can apply until 27 March to take part in the four day practice orientated campus Cinema Next Europe Club at CROSSING EUROPE 2022.

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