Local Artists Special: Dietmar Brehm 

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Pictures and film stills are provided on the condition that it is used exclusively for coverage of the festival. Please include the stated photo credits below the picture. For pictures without a photo credit, please use CROSSING EUROPE.

11 Punkte Programm / 11 Point Program

2 Punkte Programm / 2 Point Program


Berlin, 1984

Blitze / Bolts of Lightning


Echo-Echo - Szene aus Kalkito-Clips Vol.2



Hallo Mabuse

Hylo-Vision-Plus - Version 1

INSIDE - The Colour Version

Interview ohne Ton / Interview without Sound

Mix-3 - 1983-1999

The Murder Mystery

Racine-1 - 1992-1999

Roter Morgen / Red Morning


Übung / Practice

Verdrehte Augen - 2. Videoversion / Twisted Eyes - 2nd Video Version