Media Response 2010

The program of the Linz festival probes the state of the soul of a wounded Europe, whose social balance has come unglued.
FILMDIENST (Bernd Buder, Germany) // 13.05.2010
The essence of cinema is celebrated in the Upper Austrian city. Everyone who has ever been there knows that too: festival director Christine Dollhofer and her team seek out and find small and large gems of European film-making, and build a warm living room for their treasures that invites staying, experiencing, exchanging. (Markus Keuschnigg) // 19.04.2010
One thing is certain: “Crossing Europe”, the festival of European film taking place for the seventh time already, does not repeat itself in the subject matter, is not conducive to falling asleep, and is not calming either. On the contrary: magnificent disquieting films from from 25 countries are to be seen starting today. Films that are not shown in cinemas. Although they should be.
Kurier (Veronika Franz) // 20.04.2010
A small European film village along with its leader still manages to defiantly resist various attacks. Even the film village audience demonstrates solidarity, following the evening events with tremendous interest and discussions. Christine Dollhofer is to be highly commended for positioning innovative European films by mostly young directors in a city like Linz, which is not exactly overwhelming. She is no show-off spouting smart phrases, she is a fighter for high quality films worth discovering.
Neues Volksblatt (Philipp Wagenhofer) // 26.04.2010
Cinema outside the Hollywood mainstream – this year the second largest international film festival in Austria sets out again to turn Linz into a city of cinema and a multifaceted festival hot spot for just under a week.
OÖ Nachrichten (Julia Evers) // 16.04.2010
From US-Bavaria to Berlin winner – the festival thus continues to prove itself as a platform for the presentation of crucial films in Austria, even though its lasting success has been met this year with bitter budget cuts.
Die Presse (Christoph Huber) // 20.04.2010
With curatorial precision and tailored intellectual meticulousness, in the seven years since its founding, the six-day spectacle of Crossing Europe in Linz has undoubtedly established itself as one of the essential film festivals in Austria.
Profil (Stefan Grissemann) // 19.04.2010
The film festival Crossing Europe in Linz is always worth a trip. – This film festival draws attention to what is marginal, difficult, complex and delicate. The open and inquisitive stance towards film art that is cultivated in Linz presents the no less open and inquisitive Linz audience with surprising challenges again and again.
ray Film Magazine (Alexandra Seitz) // June 2010
Cinema defies the volcano – Dollhofer demonstrates a fine understanding of European auteur cinema and thus grants the industrial city of Linz a great opportunity even after the Capital of Culture year 2009: the possibility of crossing all the way through Europe outside the realm of special events and travel plans.
Salzburger Nachrichten (Magdalena Miedl) // 20.04.2010
It is almost scary, how skillfully festival director Christine Dollhofer and her team arrange the program. Again in 2010 Crossing Europe is impressive with highly sophisticated and willful films arousing enthusiasm beyond what is accommodating. There is no reason for concern about the quality of young European talent and the subject matter of the festival. All that remains to hope for is that sustainability will be secured at the financial level as well. Because Linz 2009 is still Linz 2011 too. (Cornelis Hähnel) // 27.04.2010
Life outside the capsule – the film festival extends an invitation to a consolidated documentary appraisal of the present.
Der Standard (Isabella Reicher) // 22.04.2010