Tussen 10 en 12

Between 10 and 12

Just another summer day. But on this particular day, a piece of news, delivered by two officers in a police car, changes the lives of a family forever. As the journey progresses, the vehicle becomes more and more crowded with family members, picked up from home, work, the hairdressers. As they sit in the backseat, alone with their thoughts, what they thought they knew about life, about relationships, has been violently altered. And while the focus on their despair is all too clear, around them everyday things begin to lose meaning as the world becomes increasingly absurd.

Director's Biography
Peter Hoogendoorn is a Dutch scriptwriter and film director. He was born in 1979 in Rotterdam. Hoogendoorn graduated from the Dutch Film Academy with the short film WES. Peter Hoogendoorn’s second short film SHOW ME LOVE premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival in October 2012 in Utrecht. BETWEEN 10 AND 12 is his first full-length feature film. It premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and was released in Dutch cinemas at the beginning of 2015. // Films (selection): WES (2009, short), SHOW ME LOVE (2012, short), TUSSEN 10 EN 12 (Between 10 and 12, 2014)
Competition Fiction 2015
Peter Hoogendoorn
Netherlands 2014
69 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Peter Hoogendoorn
Cinematography Gregg Telussa
Editing Tom Denoyette
Sound/Sounddesign Srdjan Kurpjel
Music Bruno Ferro Xavier Da Silva
With Raymond Thiry, Olga Louzgina, Nasrdin Dchar, Cynthia Abma, Elise van’t Laar, Ko Zandvliet
Producer(s) Keren Cogan (Keren Cogan Films), Petra Goedings, Maaike Benschop (Phanta Film)
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