Szabad Egyetem

The Free University

In 2018, Hungary banned gender studies degrees, subjected the Academy of Sciences to direct political control and exiled Central European University: the first European country to force out a university since World War II. By fall of 2018, it became clear these attacks on academic freedom were symptoms of a wider, more sinister trend. The situation is dire: democracy is disintegrating. @The Free University@ follows students and allies of the Central European University as they struggle to resist attacks by an authoritarian government. (Jonathan Hunter)

Director's Biography
Jonathan Hunter & Lucie Janatová: Born in Great Britain, Jonathan Hunter moved to Budapest in 2016, and studied documentary filmmaking and philosophy at Central European University (CEU). He now works as a freelance filmmaker in Florence, Italy. Lucie Janatová studied political science at CEU, and after her Master’s Degree moved to Florence, where she is pursuing her PhD in political sociology at Scuola Normale Superiore.

Film selection: Szabad Egyetem (The Free University, 2019, doc)
Crossing Europe Extracts 2020
Jonathan Hunter, Lucie Janotová
Hungary 2019
54 minutes
Hungarian / English
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Jonathan Hunter, Lucie Janotová, Ifra Asad, MacKenzie Nelson, Adam Hushegyi, Jeremy Braverman, Frederik Ørskov
Editing Jonathan Hunter, Lucie Janotová, Ádám Hushegyi
Sound/Sounddesign Jonathan Hunter, Lucie Janotová, Ifra Asad, Mackenzie Nelson, Ádám Hushegyi
Music Black Elk, Ian Hawgood, Danny Norbury
With students of CEU, the people of Budapest
Producer(s) Mackenzie Nelson, Lucia Janotová
Fahej Productions
World Sales
Fahej Productions
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Verzió Film Festival Budapest 2019
World Premiere
Verzió Film Festival Budapest 2019

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