Sekmadienis. Evangelija pagal liftininka Alberta

Sunday. Gospel According to Liftman Albertas

A documentary in Cinéma Vérité style: The recurrent theme in the loosely connected scenes of everyday life is the blue coat of the liftman Albertas. Albertas stands by the personnel lift of a hospital and smokes. He has transported two corpses today, including a small child that had an overdose of pills. “What bad luck,” he comments and takes a puff. “Every day, Albertas stands in a lift that hardly anyone uses. For years he has been killing time there, waiting for someone wanting to go up or down. This routine may seem senseless to others, but it is meaningful to him. By being here he remains part of society. He lives with time, and time lives in him.” (A. Matelis)

Tribute 2008
Arūnas Matelis
Lithuania 2003
19 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Arūnas Matelis
Cinematography Andrius Trukanas, Rimvydas Leipus, Vytautas Survila
Editing Vida Buckute
Studija Nominum Goštauto 2/15 01104 Vilnius Litauen