Pismo tati

A Letter To Dad

„Hey Dad, you died suddenly.“ The filmmaker, trying to make sense of the way his father chose to die, opens several boxes, all that is left behind. The forgotten photos, letters and home videos take the film back to 1970s' Yugoslavia, when his parents became lovers. But the journey through the years, to family members, lost friends and places, reveals the lingering horrors of the recent Balkan wars still tearing people and families apart. A film that, in the most immediate way, questions the individual responsibility of ordinary people caught in the winds of war.

Director's Biography
Srđan Keča, born 1982 in Pancevo, former Yugoslavia. Studied filmmaking at the Ateliers Varan and subsequently the National Film and Television School in Great Britain, and now lives both in London and Serbia. A LETTER TO DAD had its international premiere at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2011 and was nominated for the Silver Eye Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary. In the same year he was also awarded the Discovery Award at Film Festival Cottbus. // Films (Selected): AFTER THE WAR (2006), MIRAGE (2011), PISMO TATI (A Letter to Dad, 2011)
European Panorama Documentary 2012
Srðan Keča
Serbia / Great Britain 2011
48 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Srđan Keča
Cinematography Srđan Keča
Editing Katherine Lee
Sound/Sounddesign Tudor Petre
Music Alcyona Mick
Srđan Keča National Film and Television School Beaconsfield Studios Station Road HP9 1LG Beaconsfield Great Britain T +44 149 467 123 4 festivals@nfts.co.uk www.nfts.co.uk