En Tierra Extraña

In A Foreign Land

Gloria is one of the 700.000 Spaniards who have left their country since the start of the crisis. A native of Almería, 32, a teacher without a posting, and a shop assistant in an Edinburgh store for the past two years, Gloria has set up, along with the collective that she herself launched, an action, an event which, with the motto “Neither lost nor silenced”, expresses their frustration and provides visibility and a voice to those who wish to participate from among the over 20.000 Spaniards in Scotland's capital.

Director's Biography
Icíar Bollaín, born in 1967, is an award-winning Spanish actress, director, and screenwriter. As an actress, Bollaín starred in films by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, José Luis Borau, and Ken Loach. Her feature EVEN THE RAIN was shortlisted for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2010. // Films (selection): HOLA, ¿ESTáS SOLA? (Hi, Are You Alone?, 1995), FLORES DE OTRO MUNDO (Flowers From Another World, 1999), TE DOY MIS OJOS (Take My Eyes, 2003), MATAHARIS (2007), TAMBIÉN LA LLUVIA (Even the Rain, 2010), EN TIERRA EXTRAÑA (In a Foreign Land, 2014)
Arbeitswelten | Working Worlds 2015
Iciar Bollaín
Spain 2014
72 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Icíar Bollaín in collaboration with Alicia Luna
Cinematography Lukasz Gasiorowski, Sergio Mangas Chica, Icíar Bollaín, Lukasz Kulec
Editing Nacho Ruiz-Capillas
Music Pascal Gaigne
With Alberto San Juan, Joaquín García Roca, Gloria Egea Cañabate
Producer(s) Cristina Zumárraga (Tormenta Films), Lina Badenes (Turanga Films), Icíar Bollaín Koproduktion / Co-Production Turanga Films (ES)
Tormenta Films Calle de Valverde 30 28004 Madrid Spain cristina@tormentafilms.com www.tormentafilms.es