Bleiben will ich, wo ich nie gewesen bin

Three people, whose stories do not overlap, but all play in Excalibur City, a theme park shopping centre in the no-man‘s-land between Austria and Czechia. In this non-place in fairy-tale garb, the uneasiness of barely concealable rootlessness becomes palpable in meticulously observed episodes. (mz)

2007: CROSSING EUROPE Award – Local Artist
Local Artists 2007
Libertad Hackl
Austria 2007
45 minutes
Screenplay Libertad Hackl, Lena Kammermeier
Cinematography Judith Benedikt
Editing Karin Hammer
With Wie-Yi Lauw, Jan Kačer, Magdalena Kropiunig, Ivana Valešova, Jana McKinnon, Claudia Martini, Franz Denninger, Christopher Schärf, Kathrin Reisinger
Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Institut Film und Fernsehen Metternichgasse 12 1030 Wien T +43 1 711 55 29 02