Applaus, Applaus.

Applause, Applause.

Short animation showing the connection between the economic situation of people in essential work groups and their physical and emotional condition.

Director's Biography
Sarah Braid (*1993, Schärding) lives and works in Vienna and Upper Austria. She studies media art and expresses her concepts in various visual mediums, especially painting and animation.
Films - Selection
Applaus, Applaus. (Applause, Applause., 2020) - Irmas nächtliches Erlebnis (Irma's Nighttime Experience, 2020) - Dem Koch's schoafe Messer (The Cook's Sharp Knife, 2020)
Local Artists 2021
Sarah Braid
Austria 2020
1 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Sarah Braid
Cinematography Sarah Braid
Editing Sarah Braid
Music Sarah Braid
Producer(s) Sarah Braid