Festival History: 2018

"Dollhofer and her team can be proud that they have not only helped some of the greatest talents on their way to becoming big names, but also that they have not had to compromise on their way – with aesthetically, but also regarding content discerning films."
Nora Bruckmüller / OÖ Nachrichten (Austria)

Nearly 23,000 festival visitors were counted over the past six days at 182 screenings and 21 supporting programs. This means that the number of visitors remained almost the same as last year (23.000). Although we suspected there might be fewer visitors this year - due to the warm and sunny weather - this was compensated by more offers (greater number of program positions) as well as the program element "CROSSING EUROPE +1", introduced for the first time this year, with six film screenings on 1 May for the Linz cinema audience.

This year the cinematic map ranged from Iceland to Calabria and from the Atlantic to the Urals. With 182 handpicked feature films and documentaries from more than 40 countries, Europe has been newly surveyed on the screen. Discoveries included current socio-political films, but also artistic-eccentric works, highlights from the past festival season and local filmmaking. About 140 film guests from all over Europe were present for film discussions, talks and masterclasses, including many directors from past festivals, who enthusiastically contributed to the anniversary celebration with new works, turning this anniversary edition into a European family reunion of the film industry. Crossover projects at the intersection of film/media art and the musical Nightline with popular acts on six evenings supplemented and enriched the diverse line-up.

Audience number: 23.000
Films: 182
World premieres: 27
Countries of origin: 48
Film guests: 140
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