Working Worlds 2021


(Katharina Riedler, curator)

The section Working Worlds curated by Katharina Riedler focuses on the human being in the field of tension between European working environments and realities in times of globalization, economic crises and automation.

Retraining, structural transformation, new life tasks – in 2021, the Working Worlds are titled and dedicated to “Changes”. The documentaries presented in it assume totally different perspectives, but all four works are about people confronted with sometimes unforeseen challenges. A young woman decides to give up her old life to take over her grandparents’ debt-ridden farm. A 44-year-old miner trades the dark underground for a programing job in the IT world. Somewhere else, young people in a former mining town are faced with fighting different struggles than the generations before them. In the automotive industry, work on the increase of automation is unstoppably progressing, with some of the robots already rolling through the halls without human guidance.