Nightline 2020

Covid-19-Update: In March 2020 the 17th edition of Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz had to be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For documentation purposes the program planned for 2020 is published HERE. With "Crossing Europe 2020 - EXTRACTS", Crossing Europe is presenting a multi-part alternative program from April to December 2020 with an online program and a series of physical events in the cinema.


This would have been it:


Ätna (DE)

The Electronica/Independent duo Ätna breaks down genre barriers through voice alienation and analogue reverb loops – raw tenderness is not a contradiction. The avant-garde “gesamtkunstwerk” is (still) regarded as a well kept secret and promises a musical volcanic eruption.

Cid Rim (AT)

Cid Rim’s world is centered around a fusion of funk, nu-jazz, and electronica. Dense synthesizers meet complex rhythms. The Austrian producer and multi-instrumentalist has been an integral part of various music collectives for many years non. 

Hikee Bikini (AT)

Hikee Bikini is new, she loves the cowbell, and sees herself at the intersection of Frank Zappa and Britney Spears. Her musical pop avant-garde bubble is filled with love stories and overstatements. Her EP “Stutti Bonboni” is going to be release soon and we predict it to be visually thought out and musically exciting.


YLIT is a singer and a composer, her music deals with courage and self-empowerment. Her style can be described as virtuoso pop paired with a voice full of soul you will never forget. Her last album title “Inward Outward” says it all. 


Dalia Ahmed (AT)

Dalia Ahmed is a DJ and a journalist with her own program on FM4, her sets are full of hip hop, R’n’B, and afro beats.

Directors' Disko (Europa)

A hand-picked collection of directors from various ends of the continent will move from the director’s chair to the DJ booth. Discoball – check; sound – check; Directors’ Disko is on.

Circle Scope (AT)

Circle Scope play disco, techno, and breaks – fans of the 80s and 90s should take note.

Egyptian Eclipse x STORCHENBEIN (AT)

In a relaxed manner, looking back at the films of the past few days, and looking forward to the next Crossing Europe, we will round off the last festival day. On this occasion none other than the curator duo themselves will throw themselves behind the decks and play music to dance and chill out to. Ranging from electro pop to disco house, from hip hop to trash – everything goes.

Lisa Schneider (AT)

Lisa Schneider is a music journalist and trades in the FM4 microphone for turntables.

Passage Collectif (LB/AT)

With the Passage Collectif electronics meet culture.


Samira Saad and Christian Haselmayr