CROSSING EUROPE will celebrate its 20th anniversary til late at night: At the Nightline on the OK Deck, festival audiences and film guests from all over Europe gather on the dancefloor, with selected live acts and DJs setting the right mood on five evenings. The music program was curated once again by Samira Saad and Christian Haselmayr. From April 26 to 30, the Nightline Bar on the OK Deck will be open already from 8 p.m. Entry is free.


Wednesday, 26.04.2023

10:30 pm // EUROTEURO

Euroteuro is a collective of musicians built around songwriter and performer Peter T., with solo tours or as a group in changing line-ups. Known for its Dadaist approach to pop, Euroteuro captivates with its expressive presence on stage and currently tours as a duo consisting of Peter T. and Katarina Trenk.


Photo: Kurt Flock 


Thursday, 27.04.2023

10:30 pm // DJ: YAAAS! Disco | Young Programmers on the Decks

The YAAAS! Young Programmers attend the HBLA für künstlerische Gestaltung Linz and select the films for the YAAAS! Competition at CROSSING EUROPE, they are also significantly involved in the organization of numerous other elements of the YAAAS! Youth Program at the festival. At the YAAAS! Disco, Young Programmers from previous festival editions will will get you in the mood for dancing.


YAAAS! Young Programmers
Photo: Robert Hinterleitner


Friday, 28.04.2023

11 pm // Live: Average x Raddish

Rapper Average from Linz and producer/drummer David Raddish turn the studio into a place where everything is possible: VALE TUDO – anything goes. Nothing is ruled out in advance and there are no regrets in the end. They consciously refrain from the traditional MC-DJ formation. The live band carries the progressive arrangements, laying a concrete foundation for the mainly German and French hook lines. The aspiration is motion and no sticking to stereotypes. VALE TUDO is the symbiosis of individual parts, the result of curiosity, openness, and experimentation.

DJ: Seba Kayan

SEBA KAYAN is a Viennese DJ and artist. Her work oscillates between DJing, performances, exhibitions and curating. Her music has a forensic, political and metaphorical approach. By digging into various music archives she collects lost pieces. Her polyrhythmic sets integrate a wide array of musical genres, including Orientalfuturistic electro, techno and Acid. In between, she burns the unmistakable sound of the so-called “oriental" music into ironclad techno frameworks. The creative aim is not to create a binary vision of an occidental vs. oriental world but rather to attempt to embody and interweave both cultures.


Average x Raddish
Photo: Philipp Lehner

Photo: Susanne Reiterer


Saturday, 29.04.2023

11 pm // Live: Kimyan Law

Kimyan Law belongs to the African Diaspora. The son of a Congolese father and Austrian mother, he resides in Vienna, unable to return to his homeland due to the devastating Congolese Civil War. Having its roots in Drum & Bass, his music flies far beyond the confines of that often-formulaic genre, expanding sonic ranges and disrupting standard arrangements. Kimyan Law incorporates African instruments and influences into his set-up, achieving a rare organic and human quality amongst the cold electronics. Glittering cascades of tuned percussion are expertly woven into layers of state-of-the-art bass and the result is a stunning, future/primitive array of romantic and cinematic music that, with its sheer humanity, seduces everyone who experiences it.


Hip hop paired with eclecticism and the extraordinary is the trademark of H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY. Their trove of genres contains unheard gems and curiosities from far-away lands, to which they add beats and bass aplenty. This, in combination with their energetic presence on stage, always results in a one-of-a-kind club experience.

 Kimyan Law
Photo: Kimyan Law

Photo: Thomas Mayr


Sunday, 30.04.2023

11 pm // push - Female DJ Network: B-CA & Caniche (Berlin)

push Network is an international safer space for FLINTA DJs. The purpose of push is – beside pushing and promoting FLINTA DJs – to be an open space for mutual exchange of experiences, for sharing know-how and skills with each other, as well as to be open for any questions or discussions concerning being a FLINTA hard techno DJ within a scene dominated by men. push was founded to spread powerful music through venturous DJ sets that focus specifically on harder and faster aspects of techno music.

BC-A, short for Barbara Caroline Alt, is a techno DJ based in Innsbruck. Her obsession for fast-paced electronic music has been growing steadily since her early teen years and ultimately resulted in her playing her first DJ set in 2017. Teaming up with FUAD for their side project night:service and joining the multi-genre collective INSEMINOID in 2020 has allowed for her to explore new styles across the spectrum of techno, merging hard grooves with sprinkles of broken beats, hardcore and gabber. Firmly opposing the prevalent gendered power relations in the nightlife environment, BC-A has recently joined the core team of push – female DJ network.

Caniche developed her penchant for hard but groovy Techno early on. From her very first set in 2018, Caniche’s unique style has always been characterized by a combination of Tribal Techno and Hardgroove that also leads to full-on Schranz from time to time. Mesmerizing old-school percussion and drums constitute the main element of her mixes. While still in the process of developing her own sound as a producer, her recent tracks head in a very similar direction.




Photo: Shannon Heenan