After a two-year break due to the pandemic, we are happy to announce the comeback of the Nightline at CROSSING EUROPE 2022. This year, festival-goers can look forward to a curated evening music program, with DJ sets on five evenings at OK Platz (in case of bad weather at OK Deck), two evenings of live music at OK Deck and one concert evening at Linz's cultural venue KAPU. The program was once again curated by Samira Saad and Christian Haselmayr. Naturally, all events will comply with the pandemic regulations in effect at the time, and admission is free.


Wednesday, 27.04.2022

8 pm // Matches Music DJ-Team @ OK Platz*

For over ten years Jakob Bouchal and David Buder were regulars in clubs all over the country: often as guests, but most of the time behind the decks. Depending on the atmosphere and the time of day, everything is possible - from dreamy, jazzy electronica sounds, all the way to driving techno for those passionate wee small hours of the morning.

Matches Music DJ-Team


Thursday, 28.04.2022

8 pm // Andaka, Abby Lee Tee, Lowa & friends @ OK Platz*

In 2011 Shash Records was founded by Andaka, Abby Lee Tee and Lowa and they are still the pillars of this label, a conglomerate of people who persevere in realizing their ideas of music and art outside the mainstream. DJs for two decades, the three have a very eclectic range. Their repertoire includes genres like Hip Hop, Lofi, Bass, Funk, Boogie, Soul, R&B, AOR, Surfrock and Electronica.

10 pm // AZE @ KAPU

Separately they are Beyza & Ezgi, together they are AZE. With a sound between sad & sexy and charmingly playful texts, they allow us a nonchalant insight into their deepest selves, combined with a mix of RnB, indie, pop and nuances of oriental music. In doing so the duo offers and finds space to feel, speak, and process. But: no drama is too big for a humorous twist to make it easier to deal with, – a tried and tested coping mechanism that also works for AZE.


11 pm // Nnoa @ KAPU

Nnoa is an alternative RnB/pop musician from Austria. Inspired by artists such as Amber Mark, Mahalia, or H.E.R., Nnoa plays with various genres and aesthetics. She packs contemplative topics into dynamic songs, the club character of which is evident. Elements reminiscent of reggaeton and dancehall invite you to dance.

Redlips @ KAPU Bar

You can tell the passion for music in Redlips’ highly varied selection that they present to us again and again. Their choice of rock n roll, surf, garage, punk, exotica, boogaloo, and chica always guarantees an evening of dance!


Friday, 29.04.2022

8 pm // DJ Hooray @ OK Platz*

DJ Hooray has been playing in various locations and events around Linz for over twenty years, strictly from his huge vinyl collection that spans from hip hop & RnB, to soul, funk, and jazz, all the way to reggae.

10:30 pm // Cid Rim @ OK Deck

Clemens Bacher performs his new album “Songs of Vienna” all by himself, and has a lot to do when doing so. There is hardly a moment in which he doesn’t let loose on an analogue synthesizer, play a solo on the drums, or channel Phil Collins and Anderson Paak with sometimes natural, sometimes effect laden vocals.

DJ: Wiener Planquadrat @ OK Deck

Wiener Planquadrat is the name of the electronic duo consisting of Maximilian Atteneder of Catastrophe & Cure and Michael Weiler, formerly of Burning Tears, with their backgrounds being very influential on the duo’s musical work. A mix of indie, dark disco, and lots of French electro, that reminds the two of the time when they met.
 Cid Rim

 Wiener Planquadrat


Saturday, 30.04.2022

8 pm // DJ: YAAAS! Disco | Young Programmers on the Decks @ OK Platz*

The YAAAS! Young Programmers attend the HBLA für künstlerische Gestaltung Linz and select the films for the YAAAS! Competition at CROSSING EUROPE, they are also significantly involved in the organization of numerous other elements of the YAAAS! Youth Program at the festival. At the YAAAS! Disco, Young Programmers from previous festival editions will will get you in the mood for dancing.

10:30 pm // LYLIT @ OK Deck

LYLIT is a musician who wears her heart on her sleeves. Tightly connected to her piano, she devotes herself entirely to her compositions, and performs them with a passion that drives deeply into the hearts of the listeners. After her first record deal signing in the USA, a number of EPs followed, and with them success in the charts. In 2021 LYLIT started following her long standing dream of her first solo record, with a focus on what is most important to her in her music: emotion. The album will be released in autumn of 2022.

DJ: Caorli @ OK Deck

// Carini – Flashy, but classy. Driving alone: Beyoncé – Halo. Favorite Genre: Dope.
// Korli – Flashy. Definitely not classy. Plays Justin Bieber for free. Can rap along to Busta Rhymes. Favorite song when drunk: Baywatch theme.
// Caorli – too funny to be cool


Sunday, 1.05.2022

8 pm // DJ: Curator’s Disco | Egyptian Eclipse x STORCHENBEIN @ Solaris

Relaxed, contented and looking back at the films of the past week, while full of excitement for the next edition of Crossing Europe, is how we want to close the last day of the festival. To do so, the nightline curators Samira Saad and Christian Haselmayr will step behind the decks and play music to dance and chill out to. From electro pop to disco house, from hip hop to trash, everything goes.

Egyptian Eclipse x STORCHENBEIN

*In case of bad weather, OK Platz events will take place at the OK Deck.