Crossing Europe Festival Trailer 2023: DAS MEETING ENDET IN 10 MINUTEN

Directed by: Anna Sophia Rußmann, Kilian Immervoll AT 2023 | 1 min

In DAS MEETING ENDET IN 10 MINUTEN, the camera perspective reveals itself gradually but is never resolved completely. Despite all efforts, someone, or something, always remains watching almost unnoticed. (Gianna Virginia Prein)

For this year’s festival trailer, CROSSING EUROPE was able to engage Anna Sophia Rußmann (*1994) and Kilian Immervoll (*1989). Born in Upper Austria, the two visual artists and filmmakers live and work in Vienna, where Rußmann studied Photography and Language Arts at the University of Applied Arts and began her Cinematography and Camera studies at the Film Academy in 2018. Immervoll studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London. Over the past years, several of their joint works have already been featured at CROSSING EUROPE. Their music videos WÜCKIS ZAM – HEINRICH HIMALAYA (AT 2019; CE20), KREIS – RALPH MOTHWURF ORCHESTRA (AT 2021; CE21), and BABYELEFANT IM ASSESSMENTCENTER – ENSEMBLE KUHLE WAMPE (AT 2022; CE22; co-directed by Laurence Trottier) were shown in the Competition Local Artists. Another work by Kilian Immervoll, the short GREAT WALL SOMETHING (AT/CN 2018; co-directed by Hannahlisa Kunyik), was screened at the festival back in 2019.