Wonderful Meteor

A portrait of the invisible and mundane. A personal examination of the Anthropocene.

Director's Biography
Karol Kensy, born in Szubin (Poland), grew up, lives and works in Upper Austria. Mainly active under the pseudonym Kensee, he is a music producer, filmmaker, DJ, sound designer, and multi-media artist.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Wonderful Meteor (2021) - Moth (2020; CE'20 festival trailer) - Bella Vita - Da Staummtisch feat. Skero (2019; CE'20) - Roots - Kensee (2018; CE'19) - Dreaming – Flip ft. AG (2013; CE'14) - Million Ways to Die, One Way to Def (2013; CE'14)
Local Artists 2021
Karol Kensy
Austria 2021
27 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Karol Kensy
Cinematography Karol Kensy
Editing Karol Kensy
Music Karol Kensy
Producer(s) Karol Kensy