Wo ich wohne

Where I live

In WHERE I LIVE, Susi Jirkuff traces a person’s sudden descent, not only narratively, but also visually, image by image. (Andreas Dittrich, sixpackfilm)

Director's Biography
Susi Jirkuff (* 1966, Linz) is an artist working mainly with drawing, animation, and installation. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and her videos shown on film festivals worldwide. Accolades include the Staatsstipendium Bildende Kunst 2007 and the Gabriele Heidecker Preis 2015, among others. She lives in Vienna.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Wo ich wohne (Where I live, 2022) - Measuring the Distance (2019), G_Girls (Ginny) (2015; CE'16) - G_Girls (Gracie) (2015; CE'16) - A B C (2012; CE'13)
Local Artists 2023
Susi Jirkuff
Austria 2022
black and white
11 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Sound/Sounddesign Michael Schreiber, Philip Frech
World Sales
World Premiere
Best Austrian Animation Festival 2022