White Light / White Heat

In the beginning there is a self-contained bundle of light against a black background. At the edges of human perception, the laser beam starts to flicker and glow, at first barely noticeably. Then it spreads, drawing circles and waves. A reductionist play of movement unfolds, letting the light oscillate. Algorithmically generated images and computer-generated sounds create a black-and-white flickering aesthetic, strictly geometrical.

Director's Biography
RAINER KOHLBERGER, geb. 1982 in Linz, ist freischaffender Videokünstler und Mediengestalter. Seine algorithmisch erzeugten Bilder entwickelt er vorwiegend für Raum- Installationen, Live-Visualisierungen und mobile Applikationen. // Filme: HUMMING, FAST AND SLOW (2012), WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT (2012)
Local Artists 2013
Rainer Kohlberger, Wilm Thoben
Germany / Czech Republic 2012
7 minutes
without dialogue