we are already history, and we don´t know it

The animation evokes a reflection on the brain as a constitutive component of our being. The artist establishes analogies between the organ and contemporary technologies.

Director's Biography
Dagmar Schürrer, born in Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria, is a media artist based in Berlin. She has been exhibited internationally: ICA London, Museum of Waste Changsha China, Louvre Auditorium, or at the Diagonale. FAHRVERGNÜGEN - CHRIS IMLER won her the CREATIVE REGION MUSIC VIDEO Audience Award 2019.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
we are already history, and we don´t know it (2022) - Apocalypse or Revolution - Ja, Panik (2021; CE'21) - Galaxy (2020; CE'21) - Seeking Patterns (2019; CE'20) - Fahrvergnügen - Chris Imler (2018; CE'19) - Ideal Deficiency (2006)
Local Artists 2022
Dagmar Schürrer
Austria / Germany 2021
6 minutes
Screenplay Dagmar Schürrer
Cinematography Dagmar Schürrer
Editing Dagmar Schürrer
Music Dagmar Schürrer
Producer(s) Dagmar Schürrer
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2022