Wasted Sober - The Borderliners

Stressed and paranoid, a businessman flees to the desert to hide an alleged secret. He starts digging desperately, but in the course of the hard work this soon turns out to be an inner struggle. He finally collapses, completely exhausted by the effort. A music video with a surprising end.

Director's Biography
Manuel Knoflach, geb. 1984, Florian Schwarz, geb. 1988, studieren Zeitbasierte und Interaktive Medien an der Kunstuni Linz. // Gem. Filme (Auswahl): ALL NIGHT - THE PAROV STELAR TOUR MOVIE (2013, siehe Seite 102), WASTED SOBER – THE BORDERLINERS (2014)
Local Artists 2014
Manuel Knoflach, Florian Schwarz
Austria / USA 2014
4 minutes