Was lebst du?

Whatz up?

The four friends whose lives I was documenting for more than two years are from Moroccan, Tunisian, Turkish and Albanian families. In order to portray their lives and their thoughts it was also necessary for me to scrutinise my own attitudes. In fact, the deeper I became immersed in the world of these young men, the more my perspective on the world came under the influence of their own worldview. (Bettina Braun)

European Panorama 2005
Bettina Braun
Germany 2004
84 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Bettina Braun
Cinematography Bettina Braun
Editing Gesa Marten, Bettina Braun
With Ali El. Mkllaki, Kais Setti, Ertan Dinc, Alban Katiri, Ole
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