Vom Ankommen

About Arriving

David is in love with Alena, his friend Paul's girlfriend. Alena and Paul’s relationship crumbles. One day, David's long-standing dream seems to come true.

Director's Biography
Eric M. Weglehner, a native of Linz, lives in Vienna. He studied MultiMediaArt, specializing in directing. Currently he attends the School for Independent Film - Friedl Kubelka.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Vom Ankommen (About Arriving, 2021) - Sekt (Shower, 2020) - Zingerle (2019) - Unter Toten (Among the Dead, 2017)
Local Artists 2021
Eric M. Weglehner
Austria 2021
26 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Eric M. Weglehner
Cinematography Dominik Mayer
Editing Eric M. Weglehner
Sound/Sounddesign Victoria Grohs
With Simon Morzé, Benita Martins, Phillipp Laabmayr
Producer(s) Eric M. Weglehner, Dominik Mayer