Vojta Lavička: Nahoru a Dolů

Vojta Lavička: Ups and Downs

For 16 years, Třeštíková accompanied this documentary’s protagonist, the Roma musician and activist Vojta Lavička. A talented violin player, he focuses not only on music but also deals with the issues of his origin: Vojta works in broadcasting, for an NGO, and even as a social worker. Nonetheless, he struggles with life and the simple fact of belonging to a national minority …

Director's Biography
Helena Třeštíková, born 1949 in Prague, Czech Republic. She studied documentary filmmaking at the Prague Film Academy and, since graduating in 1974, has been working as a professional filmmaker, shooting more than thirty documentaries of various lengths. Her films have been the subject of retrospectives at several major festivals. // Films (selected): DOTEK SVĚTLA (Touch of Light, 1980, doc), MARCELA (2007, doc), RENÉ (2008, doc; CE '09), SOUKROMÝ VESMÍR (Private Universe, 2012, doc; CE '13), VOJTA LAVIČKA: NAHORU A DOLŮ (Vojta Lavička: Ups and Downs, 2013, doc), MALLORY (2015), LÍDA BAAROVÁ - ZKÁZA KRÁSOU / LÍDA BAAROVÁ – DOOMED BEAUTY (2016)
Tribute 2016
Helena Třeštíková
Czech Republic 2013
88 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Helena Třeštíková
Cinematography David Cysař, Jiří Chod, Vlastimil Hamerník
Editing Jakub Hejna
Sound/Sounddesign Richard Müller
Producer(s) Hanka Třeštíková (Produkce Třeštíková, CZ), Česká televize (CZ)
Produkce Třeštíková Kostelní 14 170 00 Prague Czech Republic T +420 603 581 674 hanka@produkcetrestikova.cz www.produkcetrestikova.cz
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
One World Film Festival Prague 2013
Österreichpremiere / Austrian Premiere