Violent Days

Three rockabilly boys spend a night listening to music, playing cards, drinking and scuffling in a Parisian apartment, while a bottle-blonde girlfriend fusses around them and clears up their mess. The following morning, the hungover quartet pile into a battered jalopy and head to Le Havre, where there‘s a rock‘ n‘roll gathering of bands and like minds. Tense, poetic and gorgeously shot in black and white, verité style, Violent Days feels intriguingly out of time, displaying a number of generation-crossing influences, referencing Godard‘s notion of cool and Lindsay Anderson‘s astute observations. Yet Chaufour‘s debut feature is also strikingly unique, an insight into a white, working class, cultural clique that has few precedents in French cinema. (Michael Hayden)

Competition Fiction 2006
Lucile Chaufour
France 2004
black & white
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Lucile Chaufour
Cinematography Dominique Texier, Nicolas Eprendre, Bertrand Mouly
Editing Elisabeth Juste, Albane Penaranda, Sophie Bousquet
Music Lucile Chaufour, Thomas Couzinier
With Frédéric Beltran, Franck Musard, François Mayet, Serena Lunn und den Gruppen The Flying Saucers, The Bad Crows, The Hilbilly Cats
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