Varuh Meje

Guardian of the Frontier

The first Slovene narrative feature film directed by a woman, Guardian of the Frontier follows three college girls on a summer canoe trip. As they travel down the Kolpa river, their trip becomes a journey into fear when they discover that the woods hide not only the border between the relatively affluent Slovenia and a downtrodden Croatia, but also the border between the permissible and the forbidden, and that it is the self-styled Guardian of the Frontier who draws the line. The girls find themselves in the midst of a hallucinatory combination of nationalist and personal passions.

Tribute 2005
Maja Weiss
Slovenia 2002
100 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Brock Norman Brock,
Cinematography Bojan Kastelic
Editing Peter Braatz
Music Stewart Dunlop + Julian's Treatment, Chris & Carla, Psycho-Path, Miss.Bee, Affinity, Indust Bag, Anubian Lights, Belfegore
With Iva Kranjc, Pia Zemljic, Tanja Potocnik, Jonas Žnidaršic, Gorazd Žilavec, Zvonimir Torjanac, Igor Koršic, Boris Ostan
Bela Film in Koproduktion Taris Film, ZDF/arte, RTV Slovenija und finanzieller Unterstützung von Filmski sklad Republike Slovenije