Impressions from the Birštonas Sanatorium, where the glazed tiles in its hallways exude the gentle shimmer of past centuries. Wrinkled men doze in bathtubs, time seems to have stood still. “While we were shooting Flying Over Blue Field, we stayed in the Birštonas Sanatorium Hotel. I watched the treatments. People immersing themselves in whirlpool, mud and mineral baths, walking in circles singing or standing under a cold shower. To me it seemed like a sacred ritual, cleansing one from the grime of life. The people were naked, like newborns, without traces of civilisation. A wordless portrait of tired people who have come into the harbour.” (A. Stonys)

Tribute 2008
Audrius Stonys
Lithuania 1998
10 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Audrius Stonys
Cinematography Vladas Naudžius
Editing Vanda Survilienė
Studija Laukas - Laukas Studio