Unmade Beds

Unmade Beds interweaves the stories of two young foreigners as they seek to rediscover their roots and romance in the vivacious world of London’s East End. Axl, a twenty-year-old Spaniard, arrives in London on a quest to find the father who abandoned him when he was a child. Taking up residence in a vibrant squat in a hip London neighbourhood, he finds himself alongside other colourful characters from all over the world, drawn to London’s melting pot. Among them is Vera, a beautiful Belgian girl recently abandoned by her boyfriend, whose faith in romance is gradually rekindled when she meets a charismatic stranger.

Director's Biography
Alexis Dos Santos, geboren 1971 in Buenos Aires. Wuchs in einem kleinen Dorf in Patagonien auf. Studium der Architektur, im Anschluss Schauspielstudium. Filmregie-Studium an der Universidad del Cine (FUC) in Buenos Aires. Nach ersten Kurzfilmen Regie-Stipendium in England. Für Unmade Beds, seinen zweiten Spielfilm, wurde er vom Festival in Cannes 2006 für die Filmmakers Residence der Cinéfondation ausgewählt.

Filme (Auswahl): Meteorits (1997, Co-Regie: Natasha Braier, KF), Axolotl (1999, KF), Sand (2001, KF), Glue (2006)
2009: ray Publikumspreis
Competition Fiction 2009
Alexis Dos Santos
Great Britain 2008
93 minutes
Screenplay Alexis Dos Santos
Cinematography Jakob Ihre
Editing Olivier Bugge Coutté
Music (We Are) Performance, Michiel Huisman Connan Mockasin, Plaster of Paris
With Déborah François, Fernando Tielve, Michiel Huisman, Iddo Goldberg, Richard Lintern, Katia Winter, Alexis Dos Santos
Produzenten Soledad Gatti-Pascual, Peter Ettedgui Koproduzenten Al Clark, Rachel Robey, Alex O’Neil supported by MEDIA The Bureau 18 Philipp St. London EC2 4NU Großbritannien mail@thebureau.co.uk www.thebureau.co.uk