Übriggebliebene ausgereifte Haltungen

Lonely Old Slogan

Together with Ted Gaier, Peter Ott has not only brought the film Hölle Hamburg into cinemas recently, but drawing upon interviews and archive material he also produced a documentary about the band from Hamburg affiliated with Ted Gaier and Schorsch Kamerun. The band “Die goldenen Zitronen” commissioned the director to make a film about them for their 25th anniversary. Ott lets all the band members speak for themselves – founding members and younger companions alike. They talk about punk, their political texts, about capitalism and about the left. Old concert recordings with subtitles provide temporal orientation in time.

European Panorama 2008
Peter Ott
Germany 2007
color & black and white
90 minutes
Screenplay Peter Ott
Cinematography Peter Ott
Editing Peter Ott
Music Die Goldenen Zitronen
With Julius Bock, Ted Gaier, Schorsch Kamerun, Enno Palluca, Mense Reents
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