Trivial Europe

What is European about Europe and how commonplace is our everyday life? There are prejudices about almost every European country based on clichéd images, but what role do these images play for networked and culturally sophisticated contemporaries? The artist collective DIE FABRIKANTEN pursued these questions wandering through cities at night. They invited residents of Thessaloniki, Novi Sad, Linz, Essen and Liverpool to guide them to their favourite places. The result is a tour of a different kind through Europe.

Local Artists 2008
Austria 2007
60 minutes
Screenplay Gerald Harringer & Wolfgang Preisinger, DIE FABRIKANTEN
Cinematography Kristaps Epners (Lettland), Gerald Harringer (Österreich), Gert Hatsukov (Estland), Dziugas Katinas (Litauen), Wolfgang Preisinger (Österreich), Michael Rusam (Österreich), Miho Sugita (Japan/England), Viktoria Schlögl (Österreich)
Editing Julia Pontiller
Music Thomas Reinhart