The Thirteen

Red Army commander Ivan Zhuravlev accompanies ten honourably discharged soldiers on their way to the city. In the middle of the Karakum Desert they stumble upon a hidden well located near an ancient tomb. They also find brand-new weapons belonging to Shirmat Khan and his anti-Bolshevik bandits, the so-called ‚basmachi‘. Zhuravlev gives orders to wait for Shirmat Khan and fight him until regular Red Army troops arrive. The Thirteen is one of the most remarkable Civil War thrillers in Soviet cinema. Dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Red Army, its story was inspired by John Ford’s The Lost Patrol (1934). The film’s well-paced adventure plot and psychological plausibility meet the highest international standards. (Peter Rollberg; Adapted from Directory of World Cinema: Russia, with the kind permission of Intellect Books)

Director's Biography
Mikhail Romm, 1901-1971, Russland. Arbeitete als Bildhauer und diente in der Roten Armee. Ab 1928 begann er sich dem Film zuzuwenden. Er unterrichtete bekannte Regisseure, wie zum Beispiel Andrei Tarkovsky und Nikita Mikhalkov. Sein bekanntester Film ist Mechta (Dream, 1941).

Filme (Auswahl): Boule de Suif (1934), The Thirteen (1936), Lenin in October (1937), Mechta (Dream, 1941), The Russian Question (1948), Admiral Ushakov (1953), Nine Days in One Year (1962)
Special 2011
Mikhail Romm
USSR 1936
black & white
87 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Iosif Prut, Mikhail Romm
Cinematography Boris Volchek
Editing Tatyana Likhachyova
Music Anatoly Aleksandrov
With Ivan Novoseltsev, Elena Kuzmina, Aleksandr Chistyakov, Andrei Fait