Trecea un Prinț Călare

Along Came A Prince

During a theater workshop for teenagers, young Alex gets into an intimate situation with an older girl. But is this really what he wanted? Annoyance, congratulations – Alex doesn't know what's happening to him with this reversal of gender roles. (FilmFestival Cottbus)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Běžná selhání (Ordinary Failures, 2022) - A legjobb dolgokon bõgni kell (Things Worth Weeping For, 2021) - Trecea un print calare (Along Came a Prince, 2020, short) - Holiday at the Seaside (2013, short)
Special 2023
Cristina Groşan
Romania / Czech Republic 2020
22 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Cristina Groșan, Marek Novák
Cinematography Mihai Marius Apopei
Editing Alexandra Jonášová
Sound/Sounddesign Tomáš Oramus
With Cristian Robe, Silvana Mihai, László Mátray, Victor Sîntejudean, Irina Ștefan, Una Toma, David Cosac
Additional Credits
Casting Director: Florentina Bratfanof Production Design: Andrada Chiriac Costumes: Ioana Șomănescu Producer: Anda Ionescu, Anamaria Antoci Production: Tangaj Production Co-producer: Marek Novák Co-production: Xova Film