Traum von Körpern

Dreaming Bodies

It’s dark. A body awakes, explores the room. Suddenly, it starts to change … Shot with an infrared camera and written with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Director's Biography
Vivian Bausch studied in Vienna and Linz. In 2020 she began her diploma studies in directing and montage at the HFF Munich. Her video installations, performance art, and films have been featured in exhibitions in Linz, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and Athens, among others. Ella Knorz is a director and cinematographer and studies at the HFF Munich.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Traum von Körpern (Dreaming Bodies, 2022) - Ein Teil von mir (2023, Bausch; CE'23) - Wörter (2021, Knorz) - Tarantel (2020, Bausch; CE'21) - Zuhause bei meinen Müttern (2020, Bausch; CE'21) - Another Roadtrip (2020, Knorz)
Local Artists 2023
Vivian Bausch, Ella Knorz
Germany / Austria 2022
4 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Vivian Bausch, Ella Knorz
Cinematography Mirko Hans
Sound/Sounddesign Nicolas Hoffmann
With Ella Knorz, Sophie Mühe, Nikita Gibalenko
Producer(s) Ella Knorz
World Sales
Lemonade Films
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2022