Sonia, a young Russian woman, decides to leave friends and family in St Petersburg and seek a better future in the west. She is about to experience the illusion of a new life and a hell for those whose life has nothing more to offer. Sonia’s optimism slowly but surely turns into a feeling of despair and hopelessness. Later in the film, she falls into the hands of a rich Italian. The film now changes from an intimidating, realistic story into a grim fairytale – a nightmare that looks beautiful, but in which you cannot live.

European Panorama 2007
Teresa Villaverde
Portugal / France / Italy 2007
126 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Teresa Villaverde
Cinematography João Ribeiro
Editing Andrée Davanture
With Ana Moreira, Viktor Rakov, Robinson Stévenin, Iaia Forte, Andrey Chadov, Filippo Timi, Dinara Droukarova
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