Top Spot

The film is also Emin's poem to Margate, mixing DV footage and Super8 film into lyrical montage. The natural beauty of the sea and the sunsets is linked with Margate's more man-made pleasures, underscored with a selection of 1970s songs that formed the soundtrack to the artist's own adolescence. Shot last summer in Margate, London and Egypt, this is a personal history at its most adventurously cinematic. By letting the girls speak for themselves, Emin poignantly captures their vulnerability and innate resilience. She accurately expresses the energy, camaraderie, insecurity and ennui of adolescence. (Liese Spencer)

European Panorama 2005
Tracey Emin
Great Britain 2004
62 minutes
Screenplay Tracey Emin
Cinematography Sebastian Sharples
Editing Sebastian Sharples
Music Melissa Parmenter
With Elizabeth Crawford, Laura Curnick, Katie Foster Barnes, Helen Laker, Keiri Noddings, Frances Williams, Mourad Mazouz, Tracey Emin
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