Three Comrades

The story of Ramzan, Islam and Ruslan, three friends from Grozny. Through their tragic experiences and perspective as victims, Novikova recalls one of the most forgotten and obscene wars of our time. The film is constructed around footage that Ramzan Mezhidov, shot as a cameraman for Grozny TV during the war. Such footage is extremely valuable documentary material, since it constitutes one of the few internal perspectives on the war to date.

European Panorama 2007
Masha Novikova
Netherlands 2006
99 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Masha Novikova
Cinematography Vladas Naudzius, Masha Novikova
Editing Srdjan Fink
Novdoc Prins Hendrikkade 166 1011 TB Amsterdam Niederlande T +31 20 624 44 72 F +31 20 624 44 72