The Wire

By constructing an iron fence right through the beautiful Kupa region, Slovenia made Croatia a somewhat unwilling buffer for the influx of refugees coming from Bosnia trying to reach Europe. Because of the fence, tourism activity collapsed and a whole other bunch of dynamics were generated. The region has become an arena attracting extreme-right nationalists, human rights activists, politicians, police and border forces, and migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe.

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Kupa (The Wire, 2021, doc) - Goli (Naked Island, 2014, doc)
Eröffnungsfilme | Opening Films · European Panorama Documentary 2021
Tiha K. Gudac
Belgium / Croatia / Norway / Slovenia / Lithuania 2021
77 minutes
Croatian / Slovenian / Arabic
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Tiha K. Gudac, Igor Bašin, Frederik Nicolai
Cinematography Darko Herič, Thomas Szacka-Marier
Editing Thijs Van Nuffel
Sound/Sounddesign Rune Hansen
Music Frédéric Vercheval
Producer(s) Frederik Nicolai, Eric Goossens, Ljubo Zdjelarevic, Karl-Emil Rikardsen, Viva Videnović, Lukas Trimonis
Off World, Kinoteka, VRT-Canvas, RTV Slovenija, Relation04 Media, In_Script, Urgh!
World Sales
Off World
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
DOK.fest Munich 2021