The Wild Blue Yonder

Without our knowledge we have had visitors from outer space for decades. They have come from a planet submerged in water, The Wild Blue Yonder, and their attempts to create a new community on earth have so far not met with great success. This film is narrated on-screen by one of the visitors, Brad Dourif. In words and lyrical images, he shows how our attempts to find a new home somewhere in space is doomed to failure. He explains how in the past, when Earth was threatened with extinction, a manned space probe was sent to look for an alternative home in outer space. It did not succeed. Herzog uses music by cello-player Ernst Reijseger and images of stunning, otherworldly quality to create an imaginary scenario, a science-fiction fantasy.

European Panorama · Eröffnungsfilme | Opening Films 2006
Werner Herzog
Germany / Great Britain / France 2005
81 minutes
Screenplay Werner Herzog
Cinematography Tanja Koop, Henry Kaiser, Klaus Scheurich
Editing Joe Bini
Music Ernst Reijseger
With Brad Dourif, den Astronauten des Space Shuttle STS-43, Henry Kaiser, Roger Diehl, Ted Sweetser, Martin Lo
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