The Plague

Set against a backdrop of London estate blocks, police wagons and spray paint graffiti, The Plague follows one weekend in the lives of four friends as they go about their routine, visiting mates, smoking, drinking, freestyling, chasing girls and getting into trouble. Made on a tiny budget, 23-year-old writer and director Greg Hall injects each scene of the film with wit, imagination and resourcefulness. Winner of the inaugural Katrin Cartlidge Foundation prize at the 10th Sarajevo Film Festival this year, the film was described by presenter Mike Leigh as "serious, funny, real, surreal and totally anarchic".

European Panorama 2005
Greg Hall
Great Britain 2004
105 minutes
Screenplay Greg Hall
Cinematography Leo Leigh
Editing Paco Sweetman
With Samuel Anokye, Brett Harris, David Bonnick Junior, Nur Alam Rahman
Prodigal Productions